About Each Park at Bryn Vyrnwy

Here we have information about each park at Bryn Vyrnwy. Nestled amongst stunning Welsh scenery, Bryn Vyrnwy has five individual static caravan parks, with every park situated on-site. In addition, there are two individual seasonal touring caravan parks. Above all, nature is so important to us, we have named the individual parks after the trees surrounding them and parkland.

Bryn Vyrnwy caravan park is perfectly located offering breathtaking views of the Welsh and English countryside. Every plot is spaciously laid out offering privacy as well as its own parking space next to the plot.

Enjoy the peace and quiet that Wales has to offer in your very own luxury caravan. Our secure environment, friendly atmosphere and countryside setting is the perfect location to base your holiday home.

Find out more about each park below.


A Willow Tree

Willow Park

Willow Park is the first static caravan park that Doug and Jan created back in 1988. With a total of 15 plots, all speciously planned out. Furthermore, facing south towards the River Vyrnwy and overlooking the River Meadows. Although it was developed 33 years ago, it has always been kept to a very high standard. Therefore remains a favourite park on-site for residents who have been with us since the beginning.

Birch Tree Trunks

Birch Park

Birch Park was the second development added in 1995, offering another 18 spacious plots. It's located left of Willow park, also facing south towards the River Vyrnwy and overlooking the River Meadows. Birch Park may be the furthest park away but it is also one of the nearest to the free-flowing River Vyrnwy and the English Rolling hills. In addition, you can see the sun setting from this quiet and tranquil location. Making it an idyll for your holiday home.

Details of a Poplar Tree Trunk

Poplar Park

Poplar Park was developed back in 2000, offering a total of 11 static caravan plots. Situated on the right side of Willow Park. Willow, Birch and Poplar park are all developed on the old railway line, adding unique character to this holiday park. Finally, this may be the smallest of the parks but its location makes it stand out from the others. Each plot is in a prime location, forward-facing the River Vyrnwy, River meadows and camping field.

Pink Cherry Blossom Leaves

Cherry Park

Cherry Park is the largest of the five static caravan parks offering 30 spacious plots, mostly East facing. Developed in 2003 by Doug, Jan and Ed, who was 15 years old at the time and keen to get involved with the development side of the business. The park is circular shaped, with all plots perfectly positioned, surrounding beautiful large flower borders and a water feature in the middle.

Orange toned Maple Tree leaves

Maple Park

Maple Park is our newest development, constructed in 2019 by Ed, Doug and Jan. Offering an extra 16 static caravan plots, all speciously planned out in a circular shape, mainly East facing, with beautiful views of the country-side and particularly Llanymnech Rocks. Maple Park is situated beside Cherry Park and is the first park you reach on-site. As Maple park is our latest development we are still working on the finishing touches, above all we can guarantee, it will be finished to the highest of standards.

Holly bush with red berries

Seasonal Tourers

Bryn Vyrnwy has two seasonal touring caravan parks situated each end of the railway line. Furthermore, both parks are south facing, looking towards the River Vyrnwy. Beech Park and Holly Park are made up of 20 touring caravan plots in total which all offer access to water, and it's own electric hook up point and very own parking space. Many residents started as seasonal tourers, but it wasn't long before they upgraded to a static caravan. Falling in love with the park, they didn't want to holiday anywhere else.

Now you know all about them, which park will you choose?